You want to get to the gym at 5am. You know it is the only time of the day you really have to work out. You could try to workout during your lunch hour, but work will interrupt you. You can’t work out after work because you have family or other commitments.

But 5am is so early! How can you possibly get up at like 4 something in the morning to get to the gym by 5am? Here is how:

  1. Have spouse that will deal with kids early in the morning If you are going to get up and leave the house this early in the morning, the law requires that someone else be around to watch the kids. Find a way to reward spouse for taking on this duty.

  2. Stop watching television! This is eating up time that you don’t have. And guess what, it is eating up time at night when you need to be sleeping. Think of it like a diet. You don’t watch TV during the week and maybe have cheat days on the weekend.

  3. Go to bed before 9pm! - You have to sleep to get up every day at 4:30am (or earlier). If you have small kids and you put them to bed, just go to bed right after.

  4. Make the gym bag 100% ready to go the night before! Everything needs to be in the bag: your music, your change of clothes, your shower stuff, everything. Don’t leave anything to be packed in the morning. You want to make your morning routine automatic so that you don’t have to think about doing anything before going to the gym.

  5. Stage your gym clothes the night before or even sleep in them! It is too uncomfortable for me to sleep in my gym clothes, but I do wear my gym socks. Instead, the gym clothes are pulled out of the drawer and stacked in the same place everytime. They are stacked in a specific order and orientation to make getting dressed easy, even if I am half asleep.

  6. Follow the same routine every morning! You will not be entirely awake when you get up, so you need to do the same thing every morning to prevent yourself from going back to bed or making yourself late for the gym.

  7. Get to the gym before the doors open! You know how long the trip to the gym usually takes. If you need to add some buffer to cover traffic, then do it. The goal is to be at the gym when the doors open at 5am to get all the workout time that you want.

  8. Enjoy the bragging rights and smugness! Now that you do this every day, you can tell others about it and watch how impressed they are. They may also think you are insane. :)